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If you have ever seen the movie Iron Man, among the scenes that likely stand out in your mind is the wide shot of the home of multimillionaire Tony Stark. Even if you have not seen the movie, the description should be enough to help you understand why this scene was so impressive. The home stands on a small island, made up entirely of rock, just off the coast of what is obviously a high end neighborhood in the California area. The surf pounds at the base of the island but the towering spray does not hit the home that sits at all angles perched at the top. The home itself appears to have been constructed mostly of glass; beautiful full paned walls allow a view of the inside of the home and, when we see interior shots, also allow breathtaking views of the Pacific panorama, as well. Even Betty Durocher a real estate Broker that sells Newmarket condos will tell you homes in her area can't measure up to this masterpiece.

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While this house was just a part of a set piece, the scene does serve to reinforce a common idea when it comes to the human mind: we love to see a creative piece of architecture. The fictional Stark house evokes in us several responses. There is a draw to the sheer beauty of it. There is a feeling of awe at the ability of human beings to be able to design and then create such a work where none should exist. And then, of course, there is desire; the desire to possess such a creation as our own. This imagination in architecture is really fascinating. There are people who can see something as simple as a plastic tubing cutter from Cutter Industries and see how it can be used to make unique furniture or home materials.

This site is dedicated both to those feelings and to the architecture that inspires those emotions within us. The pages you will find here take a look at some of the most interesting and unique homes to be found in cities, provinces, countries and indeed all over the world. There are so many people on the planet today that it should come as no surprise that there are unique designs, as far as personal residences, to be found in abundance wherever you might choose to look. Too often, we are forced to settle for homes that can be said to have come from cookie cutters. Not all of us have the vision and the training to put a plan into action. The cookie cutter homes are modern, and they do represent a form of upscale living, but they tend to lack when it comes to originality.

Our site takes a look at the homes of individuals who have dared to do the work themselves, without relying on an existing planned development put in place by a company. From the architectural designing stages to picking out the fixtures and the paint jobs, these houses have the touch of individuality written all over them. They are just as unique and beautiful as the best art! They are a true testament to the ingenuity of the human psyche and our ability to create an environment that is entirely our own.

Of course, architecture alone does not account for unique and interesting homes. Any home can be made to have an individual feel and look, it all depends on the eye that is applied to the process. We have a large part of our site dedicated to exploring the different decorating schemes and home improvement touches that can help your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood, maybe even the rest of the city. And you can do it in a way that stays tasteful and inoffensive, as far as your neighbors are concerned!

Ideas are the foundation of originality. In fact, it can truthfully be said that there is nothing uniquely original under the sun. Whether one is talking about a book, a piece of music, or an interesting and original home, inspiration for that object came from somewhere. The trick to individuality is understanding how to incorporate and assimilate a variety of different ideas so that they become a part of the unique whole. This can lead to success in home building. For those looking for ideas about their own dream home, we can help you start building that foundation in the different articles we publish on site. Remember, it is still original if you choose to incorporate some ideas from other areas into your own creation; the originality lies in the fusion of different ideas.

In short, this site is all about drawing attention to houses that stand out in their uniqueness. They might be architectural wonders, featuring Whitby window replacements. Or, they might just have those special touches that can set them apart from other homes on the street, the block, or in the city. In addition, we have some tips and tricks that can help you to create a unique home of your own. It doesn't always mean forking over a lot of cash for a brand new design; it can be simple changes to the exterior or the interior of your home.

In any case, you will find that this site has some of the best, in terms of unique and interesting homes. Because singular architecture seems to be so attractive to the human mentality, we think that this site will prove universally appealing.

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